Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Family Photo Shoot

This past weekend my brother, his wife and their daughter Libby came to visit. We had so much fun! Friday we took the girls to Monkey Joe's, Katelyn's favorite place in the whole wide world. The ran and jumped and played and wore themselves out for two whole hours. After that we ate at Cici's pizza, yummo. After a good nap, guess what we did? We went back to Monkey Joe's! Kate and Libby had a blast playing with their Grandpa and he had just as much fun playing with them.

Nana Kim bought Kate and Libby a princess tent for them to sleep in and Kate actually slept over at Grandpa and Nana Kim's house Thursday and Friday night. What a big girl!!

Saturday was family picture day. I had no fears about taking a great picture because Kate has always done so well when we have gone to get professional pictures taken... not this time. She was a stinker! After the large group photo was taken, Kate found a little John Deere tractor and once she was on it she refused to get off... which led to a major melt down. So, our family picture is not the best one we have ever had. Kate looks like she is about to leap off of Ben's lap.

However, Kate did manage to redeem herself towards the end of the photo shoot with a really cute picture of her, Libby, and Josh.

We also got a two really cute individual pictures of Josh and Kate and one silly one of the girls.

Joshua's 2 Month Pictures

Goofy Libby and Pouty Kate

Sunday was Josh's baby blessing. We got the whole family together to go to church in the afternoon. Josh's blessing was beautiful, it reminded me how much I love my husband as he blessed our son with all of the hopes that we have for his life. After church, we all went back to my Dad's house to hang out and BBQ. We also celebrated all of our birthdays together with an ice cream cake. The cake read "Happy Everything!" It was delicious... mmm... I wish I had a piece right now.

We had a fabulous weekend and we can't wait for Libby and Kate to get together again!


A member of the Ross Clan said...

Love the pics! My fav is Joshua's head shot labled 2 month pic, the look on this face is precious! What beautiful children!

August and Melissa said...

Wow, I still can't believe you have kids! Ben and Julie you guys are awesome! We miss you!

jessica, jessie, or jessi said...

I LOVE the photo-shoot pictures! Josh is SO adorable!! So I'll be getting a couple of those for my fridge, right? :)

Sue said...

I loved all the pictures. What a great time for Libby and Kate. I bet Great Aunt Betsy would go down the slide at Monkey Joe's. Looking forward to seeing you in October and hope we get a copy of some of these great pictures.

Great Aunt Sue

Margie said...

What a wonderful memory for all!! I am looking forward to seeing you in October...Love, Great Aunt Margie