Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Josh's First Birthday

Birthday's are so much fun at our house! We decorate downstairs the night before so that when kids wake they will find a fun surprise before breakfast. Josh pointed at all the decorations and said "baaa?", I'm translating that to mean that he thought they were pretty neat. It's tradition to have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Josh was gobbling them up even before we got the tray locked into highchair! I think it is a tradition that will continue for many more birthdays.

After a nice long morning nap, the family headed out to Five Guys (a burger place) to meet Grandpa Ron, Nana Kim, and Granny for a birthday lunch. Josh ate his body weight in french fries. He has learned to make it very clear when he wants more of something. It's amazing what he can communicate without any words. :) On the way home, we picked up some balloons, a birthday must. Josh took his afternoon nap, and Kate helped decorate his cake and the table and helped wrap presents. She was a great little helper.

When Josh woke up, we had some yummy pizza and then played outside with some really cool water squirters.

Then it was time for presents. Josh was into all the boxes, but soon tired of having a new present put in front of him while he was still trying to play with previous box. We ended up letting the kids "help" Josh open up most of his gifts. It was cute.

The culminating event of the evening was THE CAKE. We had been anticipating this moment for weeks. Josh is known to have a fairly healthy appetite and I was pretty sure that he was going to devour his cake. He did not disappoint. I have the video to prove it. Enjoy!

Potty Training

Yesterday was a fun day around out house. It was "Potty Training Day"! This is a day I have been putting off for almost a year for various excuses. Well, all excuses set aside, I decorated our little bathroom downstairs on Monday evening with balloons and fun pictures to make it fun for Kate. She went potty right when she woke up with no problems, then we came downstairs and I showed her the party in the bathroom. She was a little confused, but she thought it was pretty neat. After a breakfast of pancakes and juice (she got to drink undiluted juice all day long!), Kate told me she had to go potty again. She did it all by herself! Throughout the day she had a few accidents, but she had just as many successes. I supplied her with lots of salty snacks and sweet drinks to keep her needing to go potty. It wasn't as rough of a day as I thought it would be. Ask me if I still feel that way in two weeks. :)
We might get brave enough today to venture out to Walmart to buy some cute new underwear. We'll have to see. I'm so proud of my big girl.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joshua's First Year

It's tradition that I spend the week before our kid's birthdays sorting and reminiscing through all of our photos in order to create a masterpiece video that perfectly displays the previous year. After hours of listening to songs to find just the right fit and arranging each photo in just the right order it's ready. We always show their birthday video while we are eating birthday cake. It's my favorite part of the party.
Joshua is our second blessing and I have savored each and every moment of his first year. Here is the video of our sweet little man... I hope you enjoy it.