Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nana Comes to Visit and Easter Weekend

Last Sunday, my mom (aka. Nana Freese) flew in from Minnesota to help out since Ben had to go back to work. We had an awesome week together. She planted my garden boxes for me, made a spring wreath for our front porch and took care of Josh and Kate. And she did the dishes, cooked, did laundry, cleaned... the list goes on. I was totally spoiled. Thank you, Mom!

The kids spent an entire morning helping Nana plant strawberries, broccoli, carrots and a few other things. They had a great time playing in the dirt. We can't wait to start eating strawberries!

Nana and Kate spent another morning making sugar cookies and decorating them. Sugar cookies are Grandpa Freese's favorite, so they have become Nana's specialty.

(Check out "Josh's" boots!)

We all attended the Annual Scienski Easter Egg Hunt. There were over 400 eggs hidden in their backyard! The kids had a blast hunting for eggs with all of their friends. Wesley slept through the entire party parked right next to Nana. What a good boy. :)

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs. I'm the less creative, let's get this done parent, whereas Ben will spend 10 minutes decorating one egg. Needless to say, he and Kate created some really cool eggs.

Sunday morning, Easter, the kids woke up and came downstairs to see if the Easter bunny stopped by their house. He sure did!

We had an early Easter dinner and then headed over to Grandpa Bellinghausen's for an Easter egg hunt. The kids had a blast looking for eggs.

Monday morning, Nana headed back to Minnesota. We were sad to see her go, but Grandpa Freese was sure missing her. And it was time for me to take on the kids by myself and start working on some sort of a routine.

Wesley is growing fast. At his appointment last week he was 9lbs. 10 oz. He finally got his first bath this week and he didn't seem to mind it!