Monday, August 23, 2010


Where did August go? Did I accidentally sleep through it? (No... I would have remembered the extra sleep.) It has flown by which seems to be consistent with how life has been since Wesley was born. I need to put a leash on our days and make them last just a little bit longer or before I know Wesley will be walking, Josh will be eating his third birthday cake and Katelyn will be a kindergartner! I do remember a few things from the last few weeks. We've had some silly moments and some sad moments, but all in all life is treating us well.

"School" Stuff

Practicing writing letters and numbers in a tray full of shaving cream. (Easier to clean-up!)

Practicing upper and lowercase letters with playdough.

Teaching the Important Things

Learning the right way to eat an OREO. (Dipped in milk, of course.)

Showing Wesley how to smile for the camera. (Can you believe he is 5 months old?!)

Free Day at Discovery Place

Playing at the Water Works

What kid can resist beating something with a stick?

Kate's favorite part of the whole day was getting to touch the starfish... :)

The Aquarium

Push-O-War with Ben and Katelyn

Last but not least... the drive home.

We had a great time at Discovery Place. I am pretty sure the kids will be talking about it for quite a while. We saw two 3D movies while we were there. One about a taking care of our oceans and the other was about sharks. Good times!