Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Katelyn's 3rd Birthday - (Picture Overload!)

What a day! Katelyn is officially three years old and she had a great birthday! We started of the day with our traditional chocolate chip birthday pancakes (in the shape of the number 3, of course).

When Katelyn came downstairs to eat, she immediately zoomed in the pile of birthday presents on the coffee table. All week long she had been saying, "Is it my birthday now?!" and we finally got to say, "Yes!" Strung through the entryway was a Happy Birthday banner with Tinkerbell on it. It was the next thing she noticed after checking out her loot.

After breakfast, she got to open a couple of presents every hour or so. One of them was Kung Fu Panda, which we watched as soon as we could get it open. While she watched her movie, I got a moment to finish her 3rd year video, which I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.

After a late lunch and some finishing touches on her birthday cake, we headed to Monkey Joe's for the afternoon. Grandpa Bellinghausen, Uncle Brent and his girlfriend Raeanne, as well as Katelyn's friend Arwen met us there for some fun. Josh and Kate shared a blue ice cream cone (without my knowledge) and both ended up with solid blues lips and cheeks!

We planned a birthday party for Katelyn and a couple of her friends for after Monkey Joe's. I headed home early to get ready, and soon the guest began to arrive. Ben, Katelyn and Grandpa were off to get balloons and didn't make it back until after everyone had arrived, so we tried to get the kids to "SURPRISE" Kate. It was prety silly.

During the party, the kids had hot dogs and played with all of the balloons with the big "kids" enjoyed chili. When it was time to open gifts, we sat Katelyn in her flowered chair and the kids all gathered around her. The kids were so good! It was so neat, they just sat and watched her open gifts and got excited to see her new things. I was totally impressed.

Since it was a Tinkerbell party, we had to have a Tinkerbell cake.

We gathered everyone around the table to sing and it was so cute as she sang while we sang her "Happy Birthday". Check out the video:

It was such a great day! Katelyn is so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Thank you to everyone who helped make her 3rd birthday so special.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Boastful Bargain Hunter

Lately, I have had some time to peruse the bargain racks at Walmart and Target. I just had to share all the good luck I have had! Over the past week I have purchased all of the clothing pictured below:

5 T-shirts
4 Long-sleeved Shirts
1 Button-up Shirt
1 Pair of pants
2 Winter Coats with removable inner-jackets

My grand total was only... ...