Monday, June 9, 2008

Three for Three

To start off... this is an absolutely terrifying way to find your child when she is supposed to be taking a nap. My first though was of course "Is she breathing?!"

After finding out that she was in fact breathing, I had to run and grab the camera to document the curious place she chose to finally take her nap.

Katelyn seems to have entered into the the "Terrible Threes" (as my mom calls it) a bit early.

Day 1: The Blue Crayon - as previously posted about
Day 2: The Black Ink Pen -

Friday afternoon, all while I thought Katelyn was peacefully asleep in her bed, I went upstairs to get her from her nap. I walked into her room and couldn't find her! Her bed was empty, so I looked under her bed where she likes to hide sometimes. The closet was cracked open, but she wasn't there either. It was at this moment that I spotted the black circles freshly colored on the wall. I looked down into her pack'n'play (which, I'll be honest, was filled with junk) to find Katelyn completely asleep.

She had managed to find a black pen in a random bag that I had tossed into her pack'n'play to put away later. I am sure she had a fabulous time as she colored all over the wall, all over her quilt, all over her NEW bed and on several of her dolls, as well as all over herself!

After a few flashes of the camera, the culprit awoke, apparently having forgotten how she got into the pack'n'play and also having forgotten the mischief she had gotten into before falling asleep. Thank goodness for Oxiclean!

Day 3: The Diarrhea Disaster

The past week Kate has had a bit of an upset tummy, we still aren't sure what caused it. Anyhow, Saturday afternoon I left to run and errand and while I was gone, Ben went to get Kate from her nap. He walked in her to room only to discover Katelyn diaperless and covered in diarrhea! Ewww! (Can I tell you how glad I was that I wasn't the one who found her? Sorry, Ben!) I will leave the rest of this story to your imagination...

So, as of Saturday, Katelyn was three for three in toddler disasters. What a week!


Jenn said...

What a week! Weeks like that make you laugh and cry at the same time. Let me know how you get it out of the bedding. I've got it all over my couch covers!

Kim Bellinghausen said...

Kate is very talented and creative! It sounds like she is ready for an artist easel and 30 minute art classes before naptime! Or maybe you can use the art classes as a treat after her nap? You may find her art in lots of obscure places like under the coffee table and on the bottom of the box springs! Keep a good may write a book one day! As for the "runs" all I can say is I wish I could have seen Ben's face! Ewww is right!
Love you...see you Sunday.

Audrey said...

you should have a wonderful week this week. :0) weeks like the one you had last week will make this week oh so joyous, right? (hope i didn't jinx you, or me, or anyone with small kids reading this ;) ).