Monday, June 16, 2008

The Blue Ice Pop

Do you see a trend? Katelyn tends do find herself in the most trouble with things that are blue... This was the result of a blue ice pop. (You should have seen the high chair!) As you can see, she had way too much fun. :)

Since Kate was getting a bath, we decided Josh could use one too. You wouldn't believe how many times a day he shoots us this look!

And here is a picture of my cute family. Kate and Josh are starting to look more alike, despite the difference in hair color.


Audrey said...

they are starting to look more alike. :0)

Molly said...

Hi Julie!
I just found you from Jessica's blog. Your family sure is cute! I say the threes are definitely worse than the twos. Renie is heading into them with a bang! I'll check back often! Stop by the Tatro Family anytime!

Ron said...

Mischief apparently runs in the family ... Thank you for keeping up with this blog - tonight I am in Atlanta but the blog makes me a whole lot closer to home!

Jenn-Lee said...

LOve your blog. Funny how in the mormon blog world we can all find eachother. Its a small world. The 3 yr old stories can be really crazy. I'm thankfully not having as bad of a time with Olea that I did with Anakha-Marie. Have a great week and congrats on your new blog!