Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Ben and I celebrated our birthdays this past weekend. I turned 28 and Ben turned 30! He handled it very well. He is still as hot to me at 30 as he was when I married him 8 years ago. :)
Anyways, we celebrated our birthdays together by... being sick. I know, lame huh? But we made the best of it. Saturday (my birthday) we laid around for most of the day. Ben picked us up some lunch, Taco Bell for him and Little Caesars breadsticks for me. Our awesome friends, the Johnstons, came and picked up the kids after naptime and even brought us dinner. So what should have been a lousy day ended up being really nice. We watched "The Proposal" and enjoyed a gourmet dinner together of Shrimp Scampi and Stuffed Mushrooms. The kids came home right before bedtime and we had birthday donuts (the cake just didn't happen) and opened presents.

The kids got me this (its a baking liner!):

And Ben got me this (its an Oneida Mandolin Slicer):
I'm spoiled! I can' wait to try out my new gadgets!

Monday was Ben's birthday and we still weren't feeling quite up to par, but we were determined to go out and celebrate. We met our family for a late dinner at:

After that we came home to homemade ice cream cake and presents. The cake was made with Double Strawberry ice cream and White Fudge Divinity ice cream with a layer of crushed cookies and hot fudge in them middle. Dairy Queen doesn't have anything on our ice cream cakes! Before we had ice cream cake with opened gifts with our family.

Ben got this from the kiddos:

And this from me:

He also got a gift certificate to:

My Dad and Kim got this wonderful tool for me (it will be used often!):
And we got a gift certificate for babysitting and a night out to eat at:

Aside from being sick all weekend, we felt very loved and made some good memories. Ben got one other present from his older brother, but I'll post about that later. :)

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Happy Birthdays!