Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthdays, Sunshine and a New Car!

We have had a busy month in the the best ways possible. There have been birthday celebrations, trips to the park and this past weekend, we became the owners of our very first minivan (me, I am thrilled, Ben, he is still getting used to the idea). This month has also been a meteorological roller coaster with snow one week, followed by 80 degree weather the next. I told Ben the other day that I was getting tired of the weather changing so drastically from week to week and he told me, "I like it, it's nice to have variety." He's right, it has been nice to build snowmen one week and play at the park the next.

Ben and I celebrated our birthdays early in the month. My birthday was on a Friday, we spent the morning test driving cars with my Dad at Carmax. Then we all went out to lunch at Showmars. They have really yummy gyros. Mmmm... Later in the afternoon, Katelyn helped me make a cookie cake. It was DELICIOUS.

Yummy Cookie Cake

Blowing out the candles!

The next day was what we call "Date Day", or the day in between our birthdays. Our good friends watched the kiddos while we went out to dinner at Tony Roma's. We shared a rack of ribs, coconut shrimp and a slice of cheesecake. Yes, more food. Yumm.

Sunday, Ben's birthday, we watched the NASCAR race after eating Ben's favorite food of all time... taco salad. He was a happy guy. That night, our family came over to have ice cream cake. All in all in was a fabulous birthday weekend!

Ben's Ice Cream Cake

The birthday boy!

The week after our birthdays was absolutely gorgeous. We played outside and spent an afternoon at the park. It has made us totally ready for spring.

"Mom! Why can't I go out?!"

Our blue-eyed boy is 10 1/2 months old!

Katelyn, 3 years old and very...


Katelyn has been helping plant seedlings for our vegetable garden. We are going to attempt a square foot garden this year Katelyn has loved coming to check on her plants every day to see if they are growing yet. I think this will be a really fun experience for her. Pictures to come.

Katelyn's Plants

This past weekend was dreary, cold and rainy. The kind of weekend where you just want to stay at home and watch movies. However, we bundled up and headed to Carmax and Saturday and came home with a "new" Nissan Quest! It's awesome. I love the feeling that I could buy something really big and actually fit it in my car! I love that I can get more kiddos in my car! I love driving a big car! Can you tell that I really love our new car?

2005 Nissan Quest


Jennie said...

Julie, I'm such a space cadet - I totally missed your birthday. I missed the activity last Wednesday because I hadn't changed some of my clocks and still thought it was 6:30 when really it was 7:30. Courtney said it went well(I ran into her at stake conference). Congrats on the new car. It looks beautiful!!!!

Audrey said...

congrats on all the happenings! So, with the new car and all... when is #3 coming? j/k.... you know how it goes, wanting to share in the craziness- I mean blessings, blessings :0)

John Michael and Nauni said...

Awesome, fun-filled post Jewels!! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Burgess happenings! Hope you and Benny had the happiest birthdays ever! Can't wait until your visit in two weeks!!!It's going to be the best!!! Can't wait to squeeze Kate and Joshie! Joshie's going to love us!! Ha ha! Love you! XOXO Naun