Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Boastful Bargain Hunter

Lately, I have had some time to peruse the bargain racks at Walmart and Target. I just had to share all the good luck I have had! Over the past week I have purchased all of the clothing pictured below:

5 T-shirts
4 Long-sleeved Shirts
1 Button-up Shirt
1 Pair of pants
2 Winter Coats with removable inner-jackets

My grand total was only... ...



Jennie said...

Nicely done!!!

John Michael and Nauni said...

Jewels!! Thanks for all the fun posts! You are looking so thin! Way to go with the bargain hunting! And it looks like Christmas was a blast for you guys! We sure miss you and can't wait to come visit again! Thanksgiving was nothing close to a Julie Burgess Thanksgiving! I sure love ya! XOXO -Naun